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For various bad reasons I haven't blogged here since I said I was moving to Dreamwidth last year. Part of it is that I haven't found a satisfactory page layout / style sheet (sigh).

I have ended up writing blog-type things in other contexts, mostly work-related. In the last couple of months I have been posting them On Jackdaw: one page of plans for the future and another with rants and raves about work in progress.

This work will include a lot more web development than I have done in the past. I expect that one side-effect will be to turn those not-quite-blog pages into a more complete blog setup with RSS/Atom feeds etc. which will I will probably reuse for personal blogging on my own web site. (Something I have vaguely wanted to do for ages but have not had the tuits.)

Anyway, in the mean time I have been posting stuff on Twitter, mostly interesting links, silly retweets (and sometimes political ones, tho I try not to overdo politics), and other randomness. I posted a brief status update the week before last, I'm still getting occasional notifications about a nerdy observation about CamelCase which became surprisingly popular - my usual standard for a popular tweet is orders of magnitude smaller :-)

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